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4 stress factors that need to be eliminated
Incorrect time allocation
Low productivity, a constant feeling of lack of time and very tight deadlines for completing tasks can become sources of stress. To prevent this, you should plan your day correctly and set priorities
Poor nutrition
Improper nutrition can lead to increased aggression, mood deterioration and decreased energy. The correct balance of nutrients and sufficient fluid intake can help to cope with this factor
Lack of sleep
Anxiety, insomnia and other sleep problems can lead to a slowing down of the brain, a feeling of fatigue and irritability. Following the sleep regime, avoiding caffeine and alcohol before going to bed will help eliminate this factor
Lack of physical activity
Lack of activity can cause depression, fatigue and insomnia. Regular exercise will help to achieve a normal physical condition and mental balance
myths about healthy lifestyle
For many, the concept of a healthy lifestyle is associated with constant prohibitions and restrictions. Few people are ready to switch to such a strict regime of existence. In fact, most of the judgments about a healthy lifestyle are nothing more than a myth. Dispel the basic misconceptions:
Only proper nutrition and exercise
A healthy lifestyle includes not only proper nutrition and exercise, but also sufficient rest, stress management, giving up bad habits and regular medical examinations
It is expensive
Not necessarily: you can choose affordable foods, exercise at home or outside, rather than in the gym, and use free stress management resources such as meditation and yoga
It's boring
Healthy lifestyle can be interesting and diverse. You can try new types of physical exercises, experiment with new recipes and foods, and find new ways to manage stress
This is only for young people
It is important for people of all ages. Even if you start taking care of your health in adulthood, it can bring a lot of benefits
This is a guarantee against diseases
A healthy lifestyle does not guarantee that you will never get sick. However, it can reduce the risk of developing many diseases and improve the quality of life
It is difficult and requires a lot time
It can be simple and not require a lot of time. Replace unhealthy foods with healthier alternatives, walk instead of driving, and take short breaks for exercise throughout the day
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